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At Mandler & Sieger, we make it a top priority to handle each individual client with the utmost care and professionalism possible. Our personal Injury Lawyer Melville NY will see that your needs are met, your side of the story is heard loud and clear, and you are fairly represented and compensated for any injury you may have sustained. It’s very important to note that we only handle the legality of these situations and thus are not part of the medical field to treat you after said injury physically. However, we know what specific types of Doctors to see depending on the injury you sustained. Here is a list of the specific personal injuries we can help you with and the type of doctor we recommend if you sustain them. Discover how we can help!

Motor Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle accident can be one of the most traumatic events in one’s lifetime. Our personal injury lawyer Melville NY is fully conscious of that, and that’s why we will approach it with every bit of care and sensitivity necessary. Our job is to assess the scene, take photos, and collect all the evidence and data for your case to work in its favor. In terms of the medical side of the accident, we strongly encourage you to see what’s called a no-fault doctor, a personal injury protection doctor that will treat your injuries following an accident.  

Construction Accident With Our Personal Injury Lawyer Melville NY

Construction can be hazardous and, in some instances, life-threatening occupation. It’s extremely critical that all construction workers have their Personal Injury Lawyer Melville NY always available on call if, god forbid, an accident should occur. The main types of injuries that can result from working construction can consist of a fall from a ladder, in which case we recommend that you see a back specialist. Other injuries like burns and electrical-related injuries can occur. In those circumstances, we recommend seeing a dermatologist, of course, if the injury was serious but not life-threatening.  

Workplace Accidents 

Not everyone knows about workplace accidents because you don’t have to physically be at the workplace for it to be considered a workplace accident. As long as you were on the clock of your employment during the accident, it is considered a workplace accident. For example, a car accident while running an errand for your business qualifies as a workplace accident. We would recommend the same treatment for a motor vehicle accident-related case. 

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

In New York, the “one free bite rule” does not apply. In other words, a dog’s biting history or lack thereof will make no difference in the legality of an injury caused by a dog or any other domestic animal. Our job in this instance, like all the others, is to assess the situation and gather all the data necessary for your case. We need to know who was present during the incident, if there were any witnesses, and the owner’s prior knowledge of their animal’s behavior. On the medical side of things, after a dog bite, we highly recommend seeking the medical attention of three types of specialists.

In some circumstances, depending on the severity of the bite, we recommend you see a plastic surgeon, especially if the bite was on your face or neck. If the bite was on your ears or throat, we recommend you see an otolaryngologist. Because of how severely traumatizing an animal bite can be, we strongly encourage you to seek psychological help in some instances. An injury like this can, in turn, lead to PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  

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All of us at Mandler & Sieger are more than well equipped to tackle any personal injury case you present to us, but we will also make sure that you are well taken care of on all levels, including the areas that we don’t have a background in. We will make sure that every detail of your case is looked at and considered. Our job is to make sure that you’re compensated physically and financially. Our personal injury lawyer Melville NY will make sure of that. For more information, please visit our website at Mander & Sieger or call us at 631-242-2525.