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Dogs are a man’s best friend, but instances can occur when a dog bites. At Mandler & Sieger, LLC, we can help you receive the proper justice and compensation for your dog bite case. Our Melville personal injury lawyers want to assist you in getting the best outcome.

Avoid Getting Bit By A Dog With Our Melville Personal Injury Lawyers

In most cases, when a person gets bit by a dog, it is from a dog they know. To prevent a dog from attacking, follow these tips:

How To Treat A Dog Bite

You can treat minor dog bites at home. You can care for a minimal dog bite at home by doing the following:

If the dog who bit you is unfamiliar, the bite is deep, or signs of infection are apparent, it is advised to see a doctor. The doctor will examine the damage and its severity. They will then clean the wound and remove dead tissue. Dog bites that become infected should be treated with antibiotics. Sutures can be given to close up the bite mark. Intense wounds can require plastic surgery. It is uncommon for a dog to have rabies, but if the dog that bit you is positive for rabies or is unknown, a rabies vaccine could be administered. If you have been bit by a dog and seek Melville personal injury lawyers, consider our firm.

Options After Being Bit By A Dog

There are various options you can choose from after being bit by a dog. One option is to seek an insurance claim with the dog owner’s insurance company. Most homeowners insurance companies will cover a dog bite claim. Specifically, it will be covered if the accident occurred on the insured property or elsewhere, but the dog is usually kept on the property. Melville personal injury lawyers can deal with the dog owner’s insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement. Another option is to file a lawsuit against the dog owner. An attorney is aware of the applicable laws, calculating damages, and effectively presenting evidence.  

New York Dog Bite Law

When handling dog bites, New York is a “mixed” state. This means that there are strict liability and allowances for dogs not known to be dangerous. The “dangerous” dog owner is liable for the victim’s medical costs. A dog is considered “dangerous” if the following occurs:

For other damages, such as property damage, to be covered, the victim has to prove the owner knew the dog was “dangerous” and had a tendency to bite people. Our Melville personal injury lawyers can help you establish the dog in your dog bite injury case was “dangerous.”

Exceptions To Dog Bite Claims

A dog can avoid being considered “dangerous” under New York law if the following is true:

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