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If someone has been injured in a car crash. It is often assumed that they would have a personal injury claim. In general terms, any injury that happens when an accident or occurrence causes harm to the individual’s body falls under the term “personal injury.” A qualified lawyer can provide more information on this topic. Or they can help with creating a claim. If you recently been involved in a personal injury, contact Mandler & Sieger, our personal injury lawyers in huntington, today!

A person can be injured in many ways without being involved in an accident or occurrence. This type of personal injury is referred to as “intentional torts” and is covered by the civil court system. A typical example of an intentional tort is sexual assault and actions such as battery and infliction of emotional distress. When a personal injury attorney or lawyer shows that an individual was harmed due to another party’s negligence, the victim may be compensated for their injuries.

To prove a personal injury claim, there are three components we will need to focus on. The first is to prove liability which means that it was due to negligence or some other fault of the defendant. Second, there needs to be evidence of physical bodily harm. Finally that this injury has an ongoing impact on the plaintiff’s life.

What Qualifies As A Personal Injury?

Within personal injury claims, many different types of damages can be claimed. The three main categories are general damages, special damages, and punitive damages. General damages refer to non-monetary loss such as physical pain, emotional distress, or severe congenital disabilities that need future medical attention. Special damages are the financial costs associated with an injury that is permanent or life-changing. These expenses may include a specific type of surgery. The cost of a wheelchair, or treatments that are not available on the NHS. Punitive damages are also referred to as “exemplary damages” and can be claimed in cases where it is believed that the defendant has been incredibly negligent. This means they have acted more than just carelessly and caused the plaintiff to suffer.

Carefully examine the circumstances of the injury. Seek help from a qualified lawyer if you believe that you have suffered personal injuries through no fault of your own. Contact an attorney today for more detailed advice about your case for more information about what qualifies as a personal injury. If you have been the victim of an accident. Contact a lawyer immediately for assistance in determining if your losses can be compensated.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Huntington

One of the most common forms of personal injury happens on our streets that we drive on each day. The majority of personal injury claims that can be made from a car accident. They would include many different medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. In the case of a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle, even more, damages can be claimed, such as ambulance fees, long-term hospitalization, or rehabilitation expenses.

Other injuries that occur outside of car accidents can include slip and fall incidents. If someone has caused a hazard on their property that you fell into. It is possible to make a claim against them for your injuries or loss of income. Slip and fall accidents most commonly happen in public areas such as retail stores, hospitals, or restaurants.

For more information on what qualifies as a personal injury, contact an experienced lawyer today for additional details. There are many different types of personal injury claims that can be made depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident. To begin the process, you need to contact a lawyer to build your case and determine what damages can be collected.

To prove that you have suffered an injury as the result of someone else’s actions, you need to present evidence that they were at fault. You will require the help of an attorney with experience in personal injury!

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Personal injury claims can vary from being relatively simple to quite complex. However, the overall requirement for any personal injury claim is that it must be proved that you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s actions which they are responsible for. If you recently been involved in a personal injury, contact Mandler & Sieger, our personal injury lawyers in huntington, today!

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