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Defensive driving is about being smart at the wheel and making good decisions to protect you and those around you. However, even the best drivers can sometimes be injured by chance occurrences or the malicious acts of others. If you are thinking of: A personal Injury Lawyer in Deer Park NY, Mandler & Sieger can help sort out your claim today.

What Is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is loosely defined as driving while remaining vigilant—specifically, a vigilant driver of all hazards or other drivers. Sometimes defensive driving is hampered by the actions of others who drive erratically. Even so, defensive driving by many can prevent accidents for all who drive a car. 

Common Defensive Driving Steps:

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Defensive driving might seem like a cliche word to mean driving safely. In actuality, defensive driving means driving safely with the above checklist. Always make sure to follow it to prevent accidents. However, if one occurs, contact us if you think: personal injury lawyer in Deer Park NY, at Mandler & Sieger. We can assist you in solving your problems.