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Ride-sharing apps, such as Uber, have become increasingly popular in the past few years. With new ride-sharing technology comes new issues not previously considered when it comes to transportation. One issue that can arise is a car accident involving an Uber-affiliated vehicle. If you are a passenger in an Uber and become injured during an accident, you can count on the lawyers at Mandler & Sieger, LLC to get you the proper compensation for your injuries. Our Melville car accident lawyers are prepared to represent you and your case.

Does The Uber Driver’s Insurance Apply?

The car insurance of an Uber driver can only apply to a passenger who received injuries if they are at fault and their insurance policy has a special provision that provides coverage while engaged as a ride-sharing driver. However, most ride-sharing drivers won’t have this provision, and their insurance policy will not cover the passenger’s injuries. Specifically, personal car insurance policies state they have a “business use exception” that won’t cover damages or injuries while the insured acts as a for-profit driver.

Does The Company’s Insurance Apply?

Uber carries third-party liability insurance, which pays up to $1 million per accident for personal injuries and property damage if the Uber driver is at fault. However, this policy will only apply after the Uber driver’s insurance has been exhausted. If the other vehicle involved in the accident is at fault, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier is responsible for the costs. Nonetheless, Uber’s third-party insurance will cover the damages if the at-fault driver does not have any insurance, doesn’t have enough insurance, or the responsible driver of the accident is unknown. If these insurance policies are all inadequate, then you can try going after the ride-sharing company itself.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Uber Itself With Our Melville Car Accident Lawyers

Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. A company is likely to be held legally responsible for the negligence of its employees but is not liable for its independent contractors. Therefore, trying to argue that Uber shares some blame for the crash is difficult. That is why it should be a last resort for our Melville car accident lawyers to go after Uber directly. 

What Can You Recover in an Uber Car Accident?

When filing a lawsuit with our Melville car accident lawyers, you can receive forms of compensation for the following damages:

What to Do if You’re in an Uber While It Crashes

If you are involved in a crash while you are a passenger in an Uber ride, you should first make sure all parties in the vehicle are safe. Next, immediately contact the police and, if necessary, the paramedics too. You should then report the crash to Uber through their app, and the support team will guide you through the claims process. If you receive need medical help, getting medical assistance can do two things for your case:

Tips From Our Melville Car Accident Lawyers

Injured passengers should follow these tips while our Melville car accident lawyers build a case:

Contact Our Melville Car Accident Lawyers

Being involved or getting injured in an Uber accident can be confusing to handle due to the insurance policies in place. Our Melville car accident lawyers can take care of your case and make sure you get the proper compensation. Our team at Mandler & Sieger, LLC will review your claim and rightfully represent you. Contact our lawyers if you have been involved in an Uber-affiliated accident and are looking for justice.