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Injuries at work can vary in frequency, severity, or likelihood depending on the field you’re in. Hopefully, this isn’t something you or a loved one ever experiences. But it should be of the utmost importance that you are educated on what comes next. Should you or a loved one injure yourself at work, and find yourself in need of a Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer. Do not hesitate to contact us at Mandler & Sieger. We specialize in workplace accidents and workers’ compensation and can ensure that you are receiving all that you are entitled to. Contact us at Mandler & Sieger: Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer: Click Here. We can help out with all of your personal injuries needs.

In New York State, worker’s compensation is defined as “Insurance that is paid for by your employer this provides cash benefits and medical care if you become disabled because of an injury or illness related to performing your job.” This insurance provides employees with the assuredness that they will be taken care of. By law, every employer in New York State is required to have Workers Compensation Insurance. This system is in place so as to protect both the employee and the employer from financial responsibility. The insurance ensures that regardless of the financial standing of your employer, or whether or not you hold independent insurance, you will receive medical care and compensation for your illness or injury if it occurs at work. 

Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer

Something very important to note: In a Workers’ Compensation Case, the employee is not in conflict or fighting with their employer. Oftentimes employees can become wary of filing Workers’ Compensation claims because they fear they will upset their employer and put their job at risk. This is NOT the case. A Workers’ Compensation case should have zero effect on your job. The forms and claims should be passed to the employer’s insurance provider. If you feel as though your employer is threatening your position because of your Workers’ Compensation case. It’s best to contact a Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer, we urge you to contact us at Mandler & Sieger to discuss your rights and entitlements. 

What Do You Receive? 

After you experience an injury on the job it is imperative that you report it and seek medical attention right away. Delaying reporting or seeking medical attention can affect your case. This can potentially decrease the validity and severity in the eyes of the insurance provider.

It is common for the insurance company to request you see a doctor of theirs often referred to as a consultant. This is so that the insurance company can have third-party verification. Many of your injuries and determine the amount they believe you are entitled to. If because of your injuries you are unable to work for more than one week (7 days), you are entitled to cash benefits as a result. If it goes beyond two weeks (14 days), benefits are paid from the first day you miss work and on. The benefits calculator is updated annually. Therefore, it is important to reference up to date information regarding the maximum rate of compensation for that given year. Benefits are typically calculated by examining the previous year (52 weeks) of wages that you have earned and allotting ⅔ of that amount to the injured employee. 

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Insurance companies that are well versed and experienced in Workers’ Compensation cases. They will try their best to pay you the least amount of money they can justify through their findings. The consultation doctors they may have you visit might downplay injuries. Or they claim you can return to work earlier than you really should. Additionally, clients often are willing to accept the first amount offered from insurance providers. They do not know the actual amount they could potentially receive.

This is why contacting a Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer like Mandler & Sieger is extremely important. We are professionals in defending victims of workplace injuries and can advise you in the process. It is our goal to make sure our clients receive the full amount of benefits and time that they deserve. Contact our office today to make an appointment if you are in need of a Huntington Slip and Fall Lawyer. Mandler & Sieger: Call Us: (631) 424-2525