More than six million car accidents occur each year across the United States. Luckily, most accidents result in only damage to the vehicle leaving the occupants unharmed. Although this being the case, still one in three accidents result in personal injury. Following an auto accident, it is easy to find yourself confused, disoriented and shaken. In the aftermath, however, there are certain things you can do yourself and your interests protected. It is critical to gather pertinent information. 

A helpful tool to remind yourself what to do is keep your insurance information, a checklist of questions to ask, and phone numbers to call in your glovebox. An accident is a highly stressful situation, and we here at Mandler & Siegler understand that. If you need legal assistance following an auto accident, contact the Melville Car Accident Lawyer.


10 Things You Should Do Following An AccidentMelville Car Accident Lawyer

  1. Stop. Never leave the scene of an accident regardless of severity.
  2. Guard The Scene. Put flashers or hazard lights on if it is dark out. Use road flares if you have them. This can help prevent further accidents. 
  3. Contact The Police. The police need to be called even if there are significant injuries. A police report will likely need to be filed with your insurance company. Make sure the vehicles remain where they are. They should not be moved for any reason other than if blocking traffic. 
  4. Snap Pictures. Take clear pictures of any damage to the vehicle and any bodily injuries. If this can’t be done at the scene after is fine. 
  5. Make An Accurate Record. Tell the police officer everything you remember—a clear, honest account. Do not speculate or guess. Make sure to state your injuries and pain if you’re asked whether you’re hurt and you’re sure. You should also make sure the other parties’ accounts are accurate.
  6. Exchange Information. Typically this is handled by the police. However, if the police do not respond, you need to obtain the address, number, names of everyone in the vehicle. You should ask to see the insurance card and take that information as well. If there are any witnesses at the scene, you should get their information as well so your attorney can contact them in the future. 
  7. Report Accident. Many insurance policies require the accident to be reported immediately, so you should do so. Confirm what you’re covered for, specifically medical-wise. 
  8. Seek Medical Attention. Injuries caused by auto accidents are very often. You should seek medical attention unless you are certain nothing is wrong. Even in minor accidents, pain usually comes on the next day or two. If you were dazed or unconscious, you were likely concussed, and this can lead to further issues if untreated.
  9. File Everything- You should file all records and documents away. All information like claim number, names, phone numbers, addresses, receipts if a rental is needed, expenses, etc., should all be kept on file. 
  10.  Consult An Attorney. Maybe the most important thing you can do is consult an attorney. Often insurance companies want to take immediate statements. It is vital to protect your rights. Your attorney can advise you on how you can be fully compensated for your vehicle and also make sure you’re getting the adequate medical care you’re entitled to. 


Local Melville Car Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents are incredibly stressful, and handling the aftermath can be quite confusing if not prepared. It is essential what you do in the aftermath of an accident every step. Using the ten tips above can help guide you through the process. For further guidance, please consult the Melville Car Accident Lawyer.