Brentwood car accident lawyer

Car accidents happen abruptly and can turn your world upside down. We understand this, which is why we make negotiating with insurance companies easier. We will guide you through this process and provide tips from accident lawyers. If you’re looking for a Brentwood car accident lawyer, contact Mandler & Sieger today! 

File A Claim As Soon As Possible

Filing a claim promptly is extremely important. An agent can assist you with the process and next steps by filing a claim timely. This will help you figure out what course of action to take. If you’re looking for assistance for a brentwood car accident lawyer, contact our office!

Never Admit Fault To The Accident 

In some situations, insurance adjusters will try to blame you for the damages. It would be best if you never admitted to this. Admitting fault to the accident means your insurance company is responsible for covering damages. 

Do Not Accept The First Offer 

Insurance adjusters tend to lowball and not fully consider your pain and suffrage when creating the initial offer. Insurers usually want to pay the minimum to cover expenses, so you shouldn’t accept the first offer. With an experienced attorney, you can negotiate a better payout. If you’re looking for a car accident lawyer, contact Mandler & Sieger.

Be Careful When Giving Recorded Statements

When asking for information, insurance adjusters may ask to record the call. Be careful with what information you give on a recorded call because everything you say can be used against you. They often record calls as evidence to reduce your claim later on.  

Never Sign Anything Without An Brentwood Car Accident Lawyer

People tend only to read the fine print, so signing without an attorney can affect your settlement. Having an attorney with you during this process is important because they will assure you receive fair compensation for the accident. If you’re looking for a car accident lawyer, contact Mandler & Sieger.

Mandler & Sieger | Brentwood Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are traumatic experiences and can greatly impact one’s life. At Mandler & Sieger, we understand this, can help during this process, and assure you receive full and fair compensation from your insurance. If you’re looking for a brentwood car accident lawyer, contact Mandler & Sieger today!