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Leaving the scene after a car accident is legally and morally wrong. People leave car accidents because they don’t want their insurance rate to go up, but the penalties that can result in getting caught fleeing are worse. At Mandler & Sieger, LLC, we have the best Woodbury car accident lawyers who can handle your motor vehicle accident case. Continue reading to learn why you shouldn’t leave the scene after a car accident.

What To Do After A Car Accident

After a car accident occurs, certain measures should ensure safety and justice. First, you should check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If you have been injured in the accident, do not move but call for medical assistance. Next, it is important to move your vehicle to the side of the road so another accident doesn’t occur. At this point, no matter how little or severe the accident, you should call 911 for the police to come and file a police report. While waiting for the police to arrive, you should exchange information with the other people involved in the accident. The following information should be obtained and given:

Contact your insurance company to process a claim after this information is exchanged and a police report is filed. The last step includes contacting the best Woodbury car accident lawyers to protect your finances and freedoms.

What Is a Hit and Run Charge?

Leaving the scene, not following the proper steps, and not giving certain information after an accident is considered a crime. It is highly advised not to leave the scene of a car accident because it is against the law. If you do not stop after the accident, it is regarded as a hit and run accident and can have the following consequences in New York state:

See the best Woodbury car accident lawyers if you face consequences like fines, jail time, or license suspension. Our lawyers can work with you and attempt to reduce your charges.

Reasons People Flee The Scene

There are various reasons why a person does not stop after a car accident. It may be because they want to avoid the responsibility and consequences. Some specific examples of reasons a person may flee the scene of a car accident include:

When Is It Not Considered a Hit and Run Accident?

In very few circumstances, leaving the scene after a car accident is not considered a hit and run accident. Some examples of situations when leaving the scene after an accident is justified include the following:

Contact The Best Woodbury Car Accident Lawyers

If you have fled from a car accident or experienced someone else fleeing the scene, reach out to the best Woodbury car accident lawyers. Our lawyers at Mandler & Sieger, LLC are qualified to take on your case and bring you the justice you deserve. Contact our firm to consult with our lawyers and find out what we can do to help your case.