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Biking is a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. It is also an economically efficient way of traveling to different locations. Bikes do not use gas and don’t require maintenance as a car does. Additionally, there is often a bike lane in larger towns and cities, so there is less traffic, and it is safer than riding with cars on the main streets of the road. While there are so many benefits to riding a bike, there are some safety concerns, especially if you share the roads with larger trucks and cars. Because bicycles are slower and smaller than automated vehicles, it can be challenging to see a bike when changing lanes quickly, especially in a blind spot. It is still the job of the driver of the vehicle to watch out for these things. However, there are steps that bikers can take to limit their chances of getting hit or injured by another car. Always wear a helmet, be on the lookout for cars or other bikes, and make your intentions clear while riding a bike (indicate when and where you are turning). While you can take steps to prevent accidents and injuries, accidents are still bound to happen, involving an automated vehicle, another bike, or an accident involving yourself and your surroundings. That is why Mandler and Sieger, LLP is here to help you with all of your accident needs. Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Deer Park, NY, has years of experience helping those involved in bicycle accidents navigate the legal processes to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is familiar with and works in the field of law regarding human injuries associated with long-term and potentially disabling injuries, medical malpractice, toxic exposure, and severe injury. Hiring a lawyer for incidents involving injury may be necessary if the injuries are severe and the other party involved does not accept fault. A legal battle may begin if the two sides cannot agree on responsibility and a resolution. Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Deer Park, NY, can help you navigate the complexities of a legal battle in court. We can help you with claims to insurance companies too. We will also be there for you to answer any questions and concerns you might have throughout the process. We want to make this process seamless so you can focus on healing from your injuries.

When Should I Call A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Bicycle Accident? 

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, whether you are the biker or the other involved party, it is essential to ensure there are no life-threatening injuries at the scene of the accident. If there are severe injuries, your first step is to call 911 and report that there were injuries. Then, police, ambulances, and firetrucks will take over the scene and treat injuries because that is the most important thing. If there are severe injuries like this, we recommend that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Immediately getting a lawyer involved is vital because your lawyer will start gathering evidence and statements if the case goes to court.

Additionally, your lawyer will speak with insurance companies to start receiving compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident. Especially if you sustained severe injuries, a personal injury lawyer would help handle all legal avenues required, such as completing insurance forms and applications. Even if you don’t have severe physical injuries from an accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer is helpful to walk through your required next steps. Even if your case doesn’t need to go to court, having a lawyer hired and ready can help you receive more from insurance companies and prevent the hassle of going to court. Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Deer Park, NY, is here to fight your most challenging legal battles. We make our clients our priority and want to help you get the outcome that you deserve.

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Mandler and Sieger, LLP is here to help you in your injury journey. Often in a bicycle accident, it is not your fault. We want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve without the headache of dealing with legal complications. Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Deer Park, NY, is here. We want you to recover from your injuries and get the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation.