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Have you suffered an injury from a motor vehicle, construction, or workplace accident? If so, you should file a personal injury lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyer woodbury ny will help you every step of the way to handle your injury case. Contact our injury lawyer Mandler Sieger to learn more about how we can help with your claim today!

First Steps After an Accident or Injury 

To help your case and protect your rights, here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Writing everything out will ensure that you are more accurate than trying to rely on your memory. Be specific and describe exactly how the accident happened. Then write about your injury and its effects on your body. If necessary, you should also include how the injury has led to economic losses. 
  2. Preserve evidence for your injury claim. This involved getting witnesses, taking good photographs, and documenting your injuries. 
  3. Get your medical records as they can be a key element for your case. 
  4. Seek medical attention after an accident. This is important for your health because medical care is necessary to confirm your injuries and may be required for insurance coverage. If you wait to seek medical attention, it may make your injury seem less severe and reduce your settlement. 

How to File A Personal Injury Claim 

  1. Claim Submission: You will need to file a claim. A personal injury lawyer woodbury ny will be able to help you determine who this claim should be sent to, whether it be both the insurance companies of the person at fault and yourself or just your insurance company. 
  2. Provide Proof: Proof will be necessary to support your injury claim in many ways. The proof will be needed to show that the other person was at fault, the seriousness of your injuries, any medical bills you received because of the injury, and more. 
  3. Evaluating the settlement Offers: A personal injury lawyer woodbury ny can assist you on whether or not you should take the settlement offer based on the facts of your case.
  4. Negotiations: If you choose to reject the first settlement offer, your case moves into negotiations. Your case will go to court for final judgment if no resolution can be reached.
  5. File a Lawsuit: At this point, if no fair settlement can be reached, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. Your experienced lawyers will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Why You Should Never Defend Yourself 

If you are in a situation where you have been injured and are looking to file a personal injury claim, contact a personal injury lawyer woodbury ny. Do not try to represent yourself. Check out the many reasons on why you should hire an attorney:

  1. Courts follow very strict rules and procedures. Attorney’s know these rules and procedures well and can help you plead your case in court following these rules and procedures.
  2. Many times, litigants who represent themselves make statements that ruin their cases. Our experienced attorneys know what statements to avoid in court.
  3. Court cases require a lot of paperwork, such as written complaints, briefs, motions, and more. Attorneys are skilled in writing these documents properly to make sure they follow the rules and deadlines.
  4. Also, by hiring an attorney, you can save yourself from the danger of financial losses that you might have incurred if you represented yourself.

Even though you might think you are saving money by representing yourself, it is not worth the risk. 

Mandler Sieger – Personal Injury Lawyer Woodbury NY

At Mandler and Sieger, LLP, we care about our clients. Come in for a free consultation today to meet with our injury lawyer woodbury ny. We will discuss the details of your case, review all documents, and assess who is responsible for your injuries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your injury claim today!